About Us

Welcome to my shop.

I hope you are enjoying your visit so far.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my plates and my bracelets.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I now live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, two sons (although one currently attends a University in Atlanta) and my White Golden Retriever. 

I am a glass-half-full kind of person and always try to find humor in everyday things.

I love things that are fun and funky, and I never wear plain solid color shoes. 

I have always tried to use my creativity in what ever stage of life I was in. As a Career Woman/Retail Buyer I used the store displays as my creative outlet.  As a Stay-at-home/PTA Mom, my boys' birthday parties were..as some would say, "a little over the top" and, in PTA , I never met a carnival or spirit sale I didn't like!

My motto has always been, "Life throws enough garbage at you, don't stress over the little things. Laugh often.  And NEVER LIVE WITH REGRET!"

My plates and bracelets are designed to make people smile and laugh. They are fun and funky and definitely not boring! Some of my favorite moments are when I am at a show and a customer comes up to my table all serious, starts browsing my plates and gets that look as if it say "What the what..." And just starts laughing

With all the stuff that goes on in our lives, if I can make someone smile just for a second, I feel like I have made a difference.

My shop is called Three Sisters Plates because I am one of three sisters and we are all very close. However, it really is just me, Sandie, making the plates and bracelets. And loving every minute of it!